Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Texas Caucus

I voted early and then went to my polling place to caucus last night. Everything was pretty disorganized because it's the first time so many have showed up for this. We all caucused and I decided to stay and see if I could become a delegate. Everybody who stayed became either a delegate or an alternate including me. On March 29th we will all meet downtown and vote again and choose people to go to the convention.. I'm pretty sure I won't be chosen but it will be nice to have the experience anyway.
Sissy Farenthold was there last night and is also one of the delegates from my precinct. For those of you who don't know who she is, here is a little information.
native Texan, graduate of Vassar, one of 3 females in her graduating class from UT Law, ACLU lawyer from 1965-1967, legal aid director Nueces County, ran for several offices and won a seat in the Texas House of Representatives, served with Barbara Jordan as the only 2 women in the legislature at the time, part of the organizing conference for the Texas Women's Political Caucus who then later endorsed her for governor, chair of the National Women's Political Caucus, delegate to the DNC in 1972 and nominated for, and vote on for Vice President of the US at that convention, a first for women, president of Wells College, founder of the Public Leadership Education Network, delegate to the DNC in 1984 and 1988, received the LBJ Lifetime Achievement Award for her service to the Texas Democratic party in 1998, human rights observer in El Salvador, Honduras, South Korea, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union, and, board chair of the Rothko Chapel. Whew!
What an honor to serve as a delegate with her. The picture is of her.


Tam said...

Fun! When they were showing footage of the Texas Caucuses last night on CNN, I wondered if you were at one.

Fourdogmom said...

You may see me at the Barack event. We were photographed the whole time.