Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jeremiah Wright

I listened to the "controversial" remarks Wright made and while the timing of some of his statements wasn't the best, I disagree with very little he said. A lot of people I know feel the same way and while we don't feel the 9/11 attacks were justified, the loss of life from them is a fraction of the loss of life the US government has inflicted and is still inflicting around the world. There are an estimated 1 million deaths in Iraq alone, most just ordinary people trying to live their lives. Where is the outrage over this? This country bullies the rest of the world and has been doing so for years. We have interfered in the politics and lives of the people of South America, Central America, and the Middle East causing countless deaths. That's all Wright was pointing out. I understand why Obama had to denounce his comments and why Wright had to step down from Obama's African American Religious Leadership Committee. With all the hatefulness spewing from the Clinton campaign he can't afford to be associated with anyone controversial. I hope this doesn't hurt him in the primaries or in the general election if he is the nominee because it will be hard to cast a ballot for any candidate who voted to authorize Bush's crime against the people of Iraq. I will vote for the democratic nominee but I'm afraid many others won't, especially African Americans, because of the racist remarks made by HRC's campaign. It makes me sad and very afraid we will end up with 4 more years of a republican run country, something we can't afford and the rest of the world doesn't deserve.


Anonymous said...


Do you have a link to these "racist remarks?"

I don't consider BC's "fairy tale" remark to be racist in the least. It may be a cynical political contrivance to harp on Obama's alleged inexperience, but what I read was not racist in tone and has been unfairly distorted by pundits like Jesse Jackson to take on a racist resonance.

Fourdogmom said...

When BC was asked by a reporter why it took two Clintons to beat Obama, BC replied that "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina", adding that they (JJ and Obama) had run "a good campaign here."
To compare JJ and Obama is ludicrous. JJ never appealed to a a vast majority of voters like Obama.

HRC comment about Lyndon Johnson getting civil rights legislation passed while ignoring the work done by MLK.

Ferraro's recent comments. I believe HRC knew and agreed with these comments, just as GWB knew and approved of the tactics used by Rove.

Pictures released of Obama which make him look blacker and wider. More tactics to frighten some voters.

I'm not sure if the Clinton's are racist but HRC's campaign is using Obama's race to scare some people. I haven't seen anything at all like this from the Obama campaign.

I loved the Clinton's before this. I would have been proud to vote for HRC. My main problem with her is her support for the war. She lost my vote the day she voted to give the criminal bush authority to attack Iraq. Now she is paying for this vote. She is so desperate to win she will use any tactic to do so. I don't see this in desperation in Obama or in his campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to recheck the context of the Jackson remark, but it sounds like a flip response to a stupid question, re: the "two Clintons." After all, Bill's not running, any more than Jesse, but both command a certain respect with their endorsements.

As I understand it the intent of the MLK remark was to paint Obama as someone who was offering "fairy tales" as opposed to doing the work MLK had done, which included making enough of an impression that he had the clout to meet with the politicians who could make things happen. Ragging on Obama's lack of "experience" may be a dusty old tactic but it's not racist.