Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vegetarian Tacos with Jicama Tortilla

Here is the winning recipe from the quick fire challenge on Top Chef last night. Not only is it vegan but it's raw. The winning dish was created by Richard Blaise.

Vegetarian Tacos with Jicama Tortilla

1 jicama, sliced super thin (use slicer)
1 avocado, mashed
1 tomato, diced
1 papaya, diced, mashed
1T coriander, cracked
1t cinnamon
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped (reserve chopped stems)
Drizzle of olive oil
key lime and lime, juiced

Season jicama, avocado, tomato and papaya with spices, cilantro and olive oil; drizzle with key lime and lime juices. Roll into “faux” tacos. Plate rolled tacos and season top with cilantro stems.


Tam said...

I love that show so much. Those did look good, though not as good (to me) as some of the non-winning ones. But maybe it'd be like a Mexican spring roll.

Fourdogmom said...

I love the show too. I like just about everything on Bravo. Mexican Spring Roll is a perfect description! Some of the other tacos looked good but most had meat I think. This just seemed so healthy, yummy and low fat. Did you notice the listen to my blog feature. Pretty neat huh?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great recipe for Passover: conforms to the dietary restrictions. Any suggestions how to carve the jicama that thin into the tortilla shape? D.

Fourdogmom said...

He used a slicer, the kind deli's use for slicing meat really thin. If you go to the Top Chef web site on Bravo they may tell you what kind to use.
Sorry I took so long to respond. I haven't had access to a computer for a week.