Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Barack Obama

LibraryLioness8 and I went to the George R. Brown Convention Center along with about 6,500 other people to see Barack and Michelle Obama. We didn't get there until 6:45 so expected to sit in the back. Because we choose to park in the lot connected to the GRB we were able to wait with about 50 other people inside while everybody else waited outside in the cold, and were the first ones inside the hall where he was speaking. We actually sat on the first row! Right before the event started everyone got up and stood next to the rail so we were only a few feet away from the stage. Michelle Obama Spoke for a few minutes and then introduced her husband. He spoke for about 30 minutes. He is truly inspirational and it is easy to see why he is compared to Kennedy. When he was through speaking, both he and Michelle shook hands with everyone standing by the rail. He shook my hand and spoke to me. I am convinced now more than ever that he is the right person to be our next president.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama called my sister in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure who my sis is voting for, but they had a nice chat.