Monday, March 3, 2008

Presidential election

As far back as I can remember, Houston has never mattered in a presidential primary or election. The last few weeks, it's practically impossible to go anywhere without running into one of the candidates or a family member. Last week Bill was at the Fiesta close to where I work and today Bill and Chelsea attended church at Lakewood very close to my house. Osteen thanked BC for his service to the country. He doesn't tell members who he thinks they should vote for but does encourage them to vote. I doubt if too many from Lakewood will vote for Siegler in the DA's race. McCain was at Rice last week and Hillary and Obama have spoken in Houston numerous times in the last month. It's very exciting. I hope we aren't forgotten again when the presidential election comes around.
A person I was talking to the other day said she would love to see Condoleeza Rice run for president. I wonder if other people feel this way. I think Rice belongs in prison with Bush and Dick but I didn't say this. At the very least she has shown pretty poor judgement and we've had enough of that for a lifetime.
Another person pointed out the resemblance between Obama and King Tutankhamun and wondered if Obama would move the capital from DC and change our religion if elected. I think he was joking.
Hillary was on SNL last night and was pretty funny. I wish she would be like that more often. Most of the time I don't find her very likable. I'm sure she is but she doesn't come across that way enough.

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