Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Cleaning #28: Don't Clutter Up Expensive Cyberspace

Before reading this latest assignment I had never heard of GTD. I may be the only one though, because if you google it you get over 7 million hits. Wired magazine called GTD "a new cult for the info age" and it does seem to have a cult like following which I don't get.

The 5 step process: collect, process, organize, decide, and act has been applied to most of what I do for years and to me is intuitive. I do it everyday with the mail I receive, both snail and electronic. I don't feel I need a system like this at work. I have organized a lot of what I like to read on my bloglines account. I would like to get more organized at home though, which is really just a matter of setting aside some time to work on it. I would like to organize photographs also and possible scan those.

As far as online calendars go, I really don't have any use for those either. I can see the need for them if you have specific assignments or lots of meetings. I have neither. I pretty much do the same thing every week and follow the same schedule. Boring, I know. I have been inspired by all this reading about organization to at least try and tackle a box of papers I have at home that I need to go through.

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