Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Bookcase

I bought this cool bookcase from my favorite store in Houston, Surroundings. It was made by David Marsh. I have several other pieces by David Marsh including a table, mirror, and file cabinet. I took a picture of the end to show the neat details.
My niece Erin and her husband Ben came for a visit last week. They will be leaving soon for China. Ben has received a Fulbright Scholarship and they will be living there for around 9 months. Their friend Cavatina joined us at Chuy's and then came over to my apt. so we could visit in a quieter place. Cavatina will be going to medical school in Mississippi this year.

All Moved In

I've lived in my new apartment for almost a month now and I really like it. The dogs are adjusting well too. It's a little smaller than my old house but there is more storage space so everything fits in well. Here are some pictures.