Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lida Rose

Lida Rose

I adopted this cute little pug from PugHearts, a pug rescue group in Houston on Saturday. She is about 6 and is everything I wanted in a dog.
She's a great walker and when she isn't walking she just likes to cuddle up next to me. She sleeps next to me all night and doesn't snore like most pugs, not that I would mind. I choose the name Lida Rose, the name of a song from The Music Man, so I could sing that song to her whenever I see her. I also wanted to give her a name that honored Rosie, my first pug.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Visiting Denton

I went to Denton this past weekend to visit my daughter. Rather than flying or driving I decide to try the new luxury bus service Vonlane. I felt like a first class customer and will definitely use them again.
On Friday night we went to a wonderful mostly vegetarian restaurant called The Bowllery. I had the Quinoa Falafel Burger and my daughter had one of the bowls. Not sure which one. We also shared sweet potato fries. It amazes me that Denton has more vegetarian friendly restaurants than Houston. The Seven Mile Cafe where we had breakfast Sunday morning has 2 kinds of vegetarian sausage. I have a hard time finding even one kind of vegetarian sausage in Houston. We also ate at a wonderful Thai restaurant Andaman before going to see a play, The Wedding singer, at The Campus Theater. After the play we had ice cream at Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream. Denton also has 2 really nice health food grocery stores. We picked up some delicious prepared food from one of them for lunch on Saturday. Denton has a beautiful courthouse and many interesting little shops and restaurants in the square and there always seems to be live music.

Fourdogmom in Denton

Cinco de Mayo in Denton

My daughter and I were having breakfast at Jupiter House Coffee in Denton Saturday morning when I looked up an saw this parade going by. We went outside and enjoyed the parade and the wonderful weather.

Patio Possum

This little possum showed up on my patio this morning and ate all of the food I had put out for the cats. Ginger and Gracie would have been so excited.