Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning #29: Email

I have 5 different email accounts. The 2 that I use the most are my HCPL and my Yahoo accounts. I try to limit my HCPL account to things that are work related but I also get some personal email there, mostly from co-workers at HCPL. I am on several cataloging listservs which accounts for the majority of the email I receive on my HCPL account. I have a folder set up for emails which address cataloging questions and answers. I also have a folder for The Decider's emails that I might need to refer to at a later date. I try to go through all of my email accounts weekly and read what I want to read and get rid of the rest. All of the addresses in my address book at HCPL were deleted when we were upgraded awhile back, so there really isn't a need to clean it out or update it.

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