Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I discovered the blog Stuff White People Like a few weeks ago and have been laughing at myself ever since. From organic food to natural medicine to threatening to move to Canada, this blog is me. Any doubts, look at entry #53 about dogs. That one is really me. If you're white or if you enjoy making fun of white people check it out.
Today's entry is #79 and is about how all white people have to own at least one expensive piece of furniture designed by a famous architect from the 1930's. They used my all time favorite chair, the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona, as an example. I don't have this chair or any other designer furniture unless you count David Marsh but would love to. If I did own it I would never refer to it as a chair either, as the blog says, but would call it my Mies or something to that effect. Mies, by the way, designed the MFAH, at least the part that we see today. The original building was designed by William Ward Watkin in 1924. In 1953, Mies was commissioned to create a master plan for the museum. He designed two additions which were completed in 1958 and 1974. It's one of only two museums in the world he designed and is one of the most beautiful places in Houston.

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