Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Perfect Ticket

I have thought since the beginning of the race that a perfect presidential ticket would be one with Obama and Richardson. With Richardson's endorsement of Obama yesterday this dream ticket seems quite possible. Before this happens though, Obama must win the nomination and Richardson's superdelegate status can only help, not only with his own vote, but with his influence on other superdelegates. The fact that Richardson is this country's only Hispanic governor may also be a factor in the remaining primaries, at the convention, and in the general election. I only wish he had endorsed Obama before the Texas primary.
One major criticism of Obama from the Clinton camp and from the republicans is Obama's lack of experience, especially in foreign policy. Having Richardson on the ticket should put an end to this criticism. I know it won't, but it should. Richardson has served as ambassador to the United Nations, and as energy secretary under Clinton, and has been on numerous diplomatic missions all over the world. He has a long list of credentials too many to name, and of the 4 major Democratic candidates (O, HRC, E, and R), the only one who promised to get all of out troops out of Iraq in 2009 if elected.
I'm hoping his endorsement will influence others such as Edwards to support Obama and that HRC will see that the time has come for her to drop out. I know this won't happen either. She would rather tear down the party, and the most inspirational leader since JFK, than concede.

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