Thursday, March 20, 2008


I always loved Easter as a child. It was the one holiday that my mother and sister and I spent with my mother's family in Robstown, TX. Our mother would usually take us out of school early and we would drive there getting into Robstown just in time to stop at Snapkas for the best hamburgers in the world. I also loved dying Easter eggs and hunting for eggs and candy on Easter morning. Going to church was a big deal too and we always had a special Easter dress, new patent leather shoes, and when I was really little, a bonnet.

Here are some ways to make natural dyes for eggs that I found on Planet Green. This would be much more fun than just using the dyes out of bottles that we used when I was a child.

Red: Beets, cranberries
Orange: Outer skins of onions
Light Yellow: Carrot tops, orange or lemon peels
Dark Yellow: Turmeric
Blue: Blueberries, red cabbage leaves
Beige or brown: Coffee or tea

You can make the dyes by boiling the ingredients in water with a little vinegar. If you put a little vegetable oil in the dye you get a marbled effect.

Anyone my age should have no trouble identifying the family in the picture.

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