Monday, April 21, 2008

Maps #34: Geocoding and Geocaching


I choose Whole Foods Market at 2955 Kirby Dr. 77098. I went to and typed in the address. The coodinates are

29.739128, -95.418716 or N29°44.34768, W095°25.12296. Then I looked at it in several ways (hybrid, satellite, terrain, blue marble...). I tried to look at it in Daily Terra, Daily Aqua, and SRTM elevation but was unable to see anything.

I asked the question in a previous blog about where you could find the name of a place if you only had the coordinates and here it is!


For this assignment I went to and searched by my zip code, 77098. There were a lot in my are but I choose RIP#2 Cactus Record Store. Here is the URL: and here are the coordinates: N 29° 44.332 W 095° 24.711
The RIP series of geocaches is dedicated to helping people remember places that are no longer here. The author worked for Cactus in 1979 and talks about some of the experiences he had there. "The cache: The usual parking lot micro cache. No room for anything but the log scroll. BYO pen." Maybe I'll go and look today. I guess the author knows about the new Cactus a few blocks away.
I remember a few years ago when I saw a book on the shelves here about Geocaching. I had never heard of it before and looked through it to see what it was. Now there are several books in our catalog including a novel for children called The Box That Watch Found.
Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun for all ages. It could be a great math teaching tool or a modern day version of the Scavenger Hunt for teens. It also reminds me of some of the things the contestants do on The Amazing Race.

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