Monday, April 14, 2008

The First In Vitro Meat Symposium

The first In Vitro Meat Consortium Symposium was held in Norway, April 9-11, 2008. The group is made up of environmentally concerned scientists studying ways to produce muscle tissue for human consumption. The process would produce meat like pork, chicken, or beef in containers instead of raising and slaughtering animals, thus solving the environmental and ethical problems with meat consumption. Peter Singer, who has been writing about animal rights for as long as I can remember had this to say about it: "My interest is in ethics, but whatever works best. If it is harder to move people on ethical grounds than it is to provide a sustainable humane substitute, I’m all for the substitute." That's how I feel about it too. I would like to see everyone stop eating animals right now but I know that isn't going to happen. This would at least provide an alternative to the inhumane slaughter of animals. I haven't eaten anything with a face since 1989. The thought of eating any type of animal now repulses me in the same way others might be repulsed at the thought of eating their pet cat or dog, so lab grown meat wouldn't be an issue for me, but my dogs eat meat and I would love to have this option for them and for everyone else.

There is a lot more information about this at their web site

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