Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maps #31: Have Map, Will Travel

I created this map using Google maps. It represents a trip I took to Antarctica a few years ago. It was pretty difficult doing this map because many of the places we went to are not on maps because they are coves, channels or bays. Once I figured out how to uses Google maps it was pretty easy and Miss Grimm helped me put it on my blog. You can click on the bubbles to find the exact locations or switch to satellite or terrain view.
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Optional exercise: I typed in my address and then did a search for vegetarian restaurants, then narrowed it down by one mile and found 10 withing walking distance. I already knew about these but found several I had never heard of when I limited it by five miles, including The Raw Truth Vegetarian Restaurant. I then got directions from my house to this restaurant which is 4.7 miles. Then I checked the box "avoid highways" and received a new set of directions which goes straight down West Alabama and is only 3.1 miles. I also found this review by Victoria Wright : "The Raw Truth CafĂ© is a wonderful all-vegetarian establishment in Houston’s fourth ward. It was an instant hit upon opening and is a favorite of many area vegans. If you’re looking for an affordable dinner in a comfortable, casual setting, this is your place. The portions are large and the food is great. Both raw and cooked are dishes are available. Be sure to try their delicious deserts too!"
A PS for the map queen (you know who you are) in Denver or anyone else who might know. Is there a map site where I can make a map similar to the one above if all I have is the latitude and longitude coordinates?

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