Friday, February 22, 2008


If early voting numbers are any indication, this will be a record breaking year for voter turnout in Texas. In Harris County, over 9,000 people voted early on the first day of the primary as opposed to 728 in 2004. Dallas showed a similiar increase. Other areas such as Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso also had huge increases. The Rio Grande Valley, which is thought to be HRC's strongest area of support had a higher turnout than in 2004 but the increase was not as dramatic as in other areas in Texas.
Everytime I vote I remember voting with my mom when I was really little. I believe it was at Mark Twain Elementary. The booths were large and had black curtains which you could close with a lever. When we got inside the booth and closed the curtain she let me pull the levers to vote. I probably voted for republicans. Sigh.

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