Monday, February 4, 2008

A New License Plate!

For the next week Texans can vote online for the new Texas License Plate by going to

Here is a list of the choices:

Traditional Texas. The plate features blue highlights with a gold Lone Star, and bold, red “TEXAS.”

Lone Star Texas. A white Lone Star stands out in the top, left-hand corner of the plate. Wide brushes of red and blue punctuate the Texas sky on the top half of the plate along with a low-lying mountain range on the bottom.

Natural Texas. The entire plate is covered with wildflowers. (fourdogmom's favorite)

New Texas. This red, white and blue plate features a composite of modern landmark buildings from several Texas cities.

My Texas. This is the current general-issue license plate that was introduced in 2000. It features icons of the state, including a horse, space shuttle, and oil derrick.

1 comment:

Miss Grimm said...

I like Natural Texas too. I just voted for it and its in second place. The current license plates are pretty boring, so I guess any change would be a good thing.