Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sound: #25: Am I a music pirate? It's hard to know...

1. I burned a CD! I used Roxio, a program that has been on my computer for a while. It was very, very easy. I used the song from Iron and Wine that I downloaded legally for the MP3 assignment. I also made a jewel case insert with the program on Roxio, also very, very easy.
2. I still listen to CD's and will probably not get an MP3 player any time soon. I just, 2 years ago, switched from a cassette player in my car to a CD player.
3. Thoughts on file sharing. I think it could help some artists who are not as well known as others by allowing consumers to sample music before buying. That was the case for me when I happened upon the free download of the day from The price charged by legal download sites such as iTunes is cheaper than the price of one CD so hopefully enough people will use these sites and not download illegally. With so many people sharing files and downloading music it would be impossible to stop the practice anyway.

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