Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day 1960

This picture is of me, age 6, in front of my home in Houston, taken on Valentine's Day in 1960. We were at school, Mark Twain Elementary, when it started snowing and we got to go home early. It was the first snow I had ever seen and I was pretty excited. Houston had 4.4 inches of snow that day which is very unusual. My sister made a snow angel and then later we made a snowman together. I've been in snow a few times since that, but this is one day I will always remember.

The house in the picture is on Drummond, right off of Stella Link. A lot of the other homes in the area have been torn down to make way for the McMansions that are so popular now. Fortunately, this one is still there and whenever my sister is in town we always go look at it together. A few years ago, when we were driving by, the owners came out and we told them we used to live there. They were the same people we had sold the house to in 1961 or 1962, when we moved to New Orleans, and they invited us in to have a look around. The house was the same, except for the hardwood floors that had been covered with carpet. We also saw our initials on some concrete in the backyard. It was a nice experience seeing everything again.


I am from Transilvania said...

Very nice picture, I wish to can see you better.

whitelabradors said...

I loved this story. It's nice that the house is still standing and the owners let you check it out.

Miss Grimm said...

I can't believe there was that much snow! I hate the cold, but I think it would be fun if it snowed like that for a day.

Anonymous said...

We had snow two or three years ago here in Houston, at least in the part of Houston I was in. Not deep, of course, but it looked about the same level as the snow in the picture.