Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doing my civic duty

I had jury duty yesterday and since I got there a little early, walked across the street and voted.
I didn't get choosen for a jury but had a nice time anyway talking to the people sitting by me. One woman was from Crosby and said how much she liked to read so I asked her if she used the Crosby branch of HCPL. She said she did but that she had read everything in the library that she liked. She didn't know that she could request books from other branches and that she could do it all online. I also told her that a lot of the books she likes are also availabe on CD. She seemed very happy to learn all of this so I suspect the Crosby branch will be seeing a lot more of her.
It's an exciting time in Houston with all the presidential candidates and their families campaigning here. Bill Clinton spoke this morning at the Fiesta very close to where I work. I would have gone before work and heard him if I had known in time, even though I voted for Obama yesterday. McCain will be at Rice sometime this week to speak to the students. Hillary, Chelsea, Barack, and Michelle have all spent a lot of time here the last few weeks.

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