Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just found the product Mosquito Barrier on DIY Life and it sounds like the perfect way to control mosquitos and other pests without using chemicals. Here is some more info from Debra McDuffee about her experience with the product:

"It's easy to apply: just mix with water and spray onto your lawn every 3-4 weeks.
With only one gallon needed for the entire season (even less for most yards), it is very affordable at $85.00 per gallon

It won't harm the environment, or my kid, dog, or other wild animals that frequent my yard.
In addition to mosquitoes, the black flies have made themselves scarce.
We also haven't found a tick on the dog since we sprayed, and that is a small miracle in itself."

I'm convinced. Two of my neighbors have had major tick infestations so maybe this will prevent my dogs from getting them too and the mosquitos are already causing problems. Here is a link to the company http://www.mosquitobarrier.com/

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msbluerasp said...

I'm gonna buy some too. Did you get yours yet (Mosquito Barrier)?