Friday, May 23, 2008

I scream, you scream

Memorial Day is almost here. I can finally wear white shoes without fear of the southern fashion police reporting me, although Miss Grimm told me the other day that only old people wear white shoes. I think she was just referring to white pumps but it really doesn't matter because I am old. It's also the time for picnics, BBQ's and best of all, ICE CREAM! This afternoon we are having an ice cream party here at work. I'm trying unsuccessfully to be vegan so will indulge. At home I've been having little containers of HEB's very delicious orange sherbert.

If you have little furry animals and don't want to share your $5 a pint Haagen Dazs, there are several several companies that make ice cream for dogs. Cold Nose Creamery makes lactose free ice cream in 4 flavors: Puppernut, Puppernilla, Pup o' Latte, and Puppermint. Purina sells Frosty Paws in 2 flavors, original and with peanut butter, which is available in most grocery stores.

You can purchase the adorable ice cream cone shirt for your best friend at Just be sure not to buy them any white doggie pumps.


Jon said...

We found a similar ice cream cone dog shirt:

I smell a trend brewing!
Jon (at)

Fourdogmom said...

Great site. Thanks for the link. I really like the retro reversible outfit.