Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Daisetta Sinkhole

What started as a crack in the road yesterday has turned into a sinkhole the size of six football fields and it's not over yet. Construction equipment, tanks, trees and tractors have fallen into this massive hole located in Daisetta, Texas, a small town 50 miles northeast of Houston. The town, with a population of 1,000, was built on salt domes and experts believe the ground might have caved in because of the collapse of one of these old domes.


Tam said...

Wow. (I want to say "cool" but I suppose it's probably not that fun for them.)

Fourdogmom said...

The best part is hearing the people from the town comment on the news. Stuff like "we ain't staying...I'm gittin' the dogs and the wife and we're gittin' out"
So far no one has been hurt and no homes have gone into the hole. It seems to have stabilized si I think they are enjoying the attention. It's pretty fascinating.

joraliz said...

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