Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Painless Root Canal!

On Friday I went to my dentist to have a root canal. After 2 hours of unsuccessful drilling, he sent me to a specialist. I was supposed to see the specialist on Wednesday but called Saturday morning to see if I could get an earlier appointment. Anyway, yesterday a wonderful endodontist, James C. Morrison, Jr., DMD at Greater Houston Endodontics on Woodway was able to do the root canal and I had no pain. I was totally relaxed and was surprised when it was over because I never felt a thing. His office staff was great too. He reminded me a little of Michael Knight from season 3 of Project Runway. I could be all wrong about this because it's all a fog and I couldn't find a picture of him online but that's the impression I have. It doesn't really matter what he looks like anyway because he is a dental genius but of course looking good never hurts. I still have a lot more work to do but this was the worst of it. All of my fillings are 20-40+ years old and need to be replaced. The total will be about 4,000 but my insurance will pay about 1700.
While all of this was going on I was watching MSNBC with the volume turned up really loud so as not to hear the drill. There was a lot of speculation about HRC dropping out of the race, finally. Bill C. had made some comments hinting at that earlier in the day and so had HRC to her staff. BREAKING NEWS: She will concede tonight! Anyone who knows me or reads this blog will know how happy this makes me.

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