Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of Summer

My summer is coming to an end soon as Fondren Library will start regular hours this weekend. I've enjoyed my Sundays off and have finished a lot of projects I have wanted to do for a long time. My biggest accomplishment was a huge photo organization project. I'm happy to report that every single picture in my house is now organized in an album and all the newspaper clippings and mementos are in acid free envelopes in a binder. Since my blog is now mostly about family this really helps when I am looking for a particular picture.
I also organized my books and got rid of quite a few. Same with clothes. I'm hoping this will make my next move a little easier. I'm still looking for a condo to buy but haven't really found anything I love in my price range. I'm also considering moving to Austin in a few years but don't know how practical that is job wise.
My diet is finally on track. I went to a Dr. a few weeks ago and found out my thyroid wasn't functioning as well as it should. I've now been on some pills for a little over 2 weeks and have finally started losing weight. I'm sure I could lose more if I could start walking again with the dogs but with triple digit temperatures it's too hot right now even in the mornings.
I've given up coffee and almost all sugar. I still get a little caffeine and sugar in my Mango Acai White Tea (Honest Tea) that I have for lunch. My diet consists mostly of fresh fruits, fresh pressed vegetable juice, and tofu or beans. I'm 99% vegan and may never be 100% because I would like to be able to have an occasional cookie or maybe a little cheese on something when I eat out. Probably no more than once a month though. I'm also addicted to Annie's Organic Honey Wheat Pretzel Bunnies and honey isn't vegan. I try not to buy these too often and always end up sharing with the dogs because they love them too.
The pups are doing well and I'm trying to trap all the stray cats in the complex and have them spayed or neutered at SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program). So far I have had one female cat done, the slate gray kitty I call Cinza. I believe there is a picture of her on my blog. She had been pregnant a few months ago but never got real big so I assumed she had miscarried when she showed up one day not pregnant. Last night an older kitten who obviously belongs to her showed so I guess she had him/her well hidden. Fortunately the kittens will go in the trap willingly for food. The tiger mother cat is the one I'm having trouble tricking into the trap.
I've stopped watching the news because it's too depressing. I now watch all the cooking shows and HGTV shows plus some shows on Bravo. I love Rocco's Dinner Party on Bravo, Chopped on The Food Network, Design Star on HGTV, and Food Network Star. I guess I'm getting old. This reminds me of my father watching the Weather Channel. I used to tease him about this. Now I've become him.
Houston is HOT. Water mains are bursting all over the city and it takes the city weeks to fix them. One just broke on my street on Sunday. Water rationing begins next week I think and we have all been asked to limit electrical use between 4 and 7 pm to avoid rolling blackouts. I usually turn the thermostat up to 80 when I get home so the AC doesn't come on and then turn it back down before I go to bed. The apartment doesn't get nearly as hot as my old house and my electric bill was only $107 this month. Pretty low considering what other people are paying.
I hope we get some rain soon and some relief from the heat.
Back to work.

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