Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beautiful Cats

This is the prettiest of the strays. She is the little girl I had spayed a few weeks ago. If you look closely you can see the notch they took off of her left ear to indicate she has been fixed.
I have to take pictures from inside the patio door so the quality isn't great but you can still see what a beautiful seal point siamese kitten she is. Her mother is a tiger cat with white paws so she isn't a real siamese kitten but she and her brother could pass.

Here are the 2 siamese kittens when they were younger. The boy is a little fluffier than the girl. I haven't taken him in to be neutered yet.

The 2 siamese kittens are waiting for the gray kitty I call Cinza to finish eating before they will eat. Cinza has been fixed too.

UPDATE: I had the beautiful little boy siamese kitten neutered on Saturday.

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