Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cotton Farmer

A little known fact about me:
When I was 7 years old I was a successful cotton farmer. In the summer of 1960 while visiting my Aunt Vada and Uncle Robert in Raymondville, Texas, my uncle, who worked in a cotton gin, brought some cotton home to show me. I asked him if I could have the seeds to plant and even though all the adults told me I would never be able to grow cotton in my back yard in Houston, I persisted and grew the beautiful cotton plant seen in this picture.
My uncle also got me interested in coin collecting. Every night he would bring home a few rolls of pennies and we would look through them for wheat pennies. Back then they weren't so scarce so it wasn't unusual to find 3 or 4 in a roll of 50. I still to this day have a nice collection of pennies and always keep wheat pennies when I find one.


I am from Transilvania said...

Kathy, I love your old pictures. You were a beautiful girl.

Fourdogmom said...

Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by.