Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sexy Ferrets Plagiarism Scandal

Paul Tolme, a wildlife writer and the author of a story about black-footed ferrets called "Toughing it Out in the Badlands" has had his work plagiarized by the best-selling romance writer Cassie Edwards. In her book "Shadow Bear" the characters (after doing what characters in romance books do best) are surprised by a family of ferrets. They start a conversation about the ferrets which comes straight out of a story by Tolme which you can find on his website The dialogue is hilarious for a romance novel. One example: "I discovered they are related to minks and otters. It is said their closest relations are European ferrets and Siberian polecats. Researchers theorize that polecats crossed the land bridge that once linked Siberia and Alaska, to establish the New World population." Not typical dialogue in a romance novel which may be why it was noticed by someone at, a romance novel blog. When Tolme received an email with a link to this website and discovered that he had been copied word for word he was a little angry. The plagiarism is less upsetting to him now though. He had this to say on the romance blog: "This crazy saga of plagiarism and hot romance has done more to highlight the plight of black-footed ferrets than any event in recent history. "
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guesswho said...

Tolme's comment was the funniest thing I read today.

Of course, most of what I've been reading is Hegel, so there's not much competition.