Monday, January 14, 2008

Health, diet, and exercise

This is the first day of my 1,000 calorie/10 grams of fat a day diet. I started my diet at the 1st of the month but wanted to ease into the really strict caloric restriction. I'm also trying to be 100% vegan. I bought some SoySation brand soy cheese at Whole Foods on Sunday which tastes pretty good. One slice has 2 grams of fat. My soy ham has 1 gram of fat and the bread has 1 so I can have a nice sandwich for only 4 grams of fat total. I'm also having oatmeal for breakfast everyday and green tea as a beverage. I decided to quit buying Honest Tea in bottles which is expensive and just make my own with tea bags.
Sparky, my old dog is doing much better with walking now that he's taking Dr. Frank's Joint Pain Relief LibraryLioness8 who [hearts] Sparky told me about this product which is a homeopathic formula that you spray in the dog's water. Before he started taking this he was in pain and had a hard time walking even a short distance. Now he is going on 2 walks a day. Sparky says thank you LL8. Walking is also part of my diet and get healthy program so I take each of my dogs on 2 walks a day. I've been getting up early (5:15) so I can walk them before work.


LibraryLioness8 said...

So happy that Sparky is doing well! He's such a sweetie. :) And good wishes for the new diet!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Sparky's feeling better! Good luck on your diet. I'm trying to be low carb. Does ice cream have carbs? ;-)

Your friend at RU,

Fourdogmom said...

Dear Weazel,
I'm pretty sure it does. You may have to give it up.