Monday, June 13, 2011

My Dad

For Father's Day this year I've decided to honor my dad, who died in 1998, by posting some pictures of him from his earliest years through adulthood, at work, and at play.

Here are some early pictures.

This picture shows him with his mother, Sarah Effie Meads Huebner and his aunts Ida and Rena. Even though you can't really see him very well, I've included this picture of him in the car. This may have been one of the first cars he had ever seen and it's easy to imagine his excitement at being able to sit in one.

My father was very proud of this picture. It was his first suit and he was probably feeling very grown up wearing it. You can see what a handsome young man he was.

At work.

A true engineer, he loved working in the oil industry and loved all things mechanical.

At Play.

The cute little baby in this picture is his granddaughter Erin. They are sitting on his porch at the house he built on Lake Livingston. When I say he built the house I mean he really built the house. He was the contractor and did most of the work himself. He probably enjoyed building the house as much as he did spending time there after it was finished. The other picture was taken in Mexico when we were on vacation.

Here are two more pictures I found. The first was taken in Florida at Parrot Jungle. In the other picture he is enjoying the company of his 3 grandchildren, Tamara, Emily and Erin.

This was taken after he received a promotion at Gulf Oil and they needed a picture of him for one of their publications.

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