Saturday, June 18, 2011

Henry Fain LeGrand

My grandfather Henry Fain LeGrand was the was the son of Dr. Peter G. LeGrand (1845-1890) and Petronia Olena Fain LeGrand (1854-1936) of Weatherford, TX. They married in 1870 and had 6 children:
Henry Fain (1872-1946)
Alma Lillian (1874-1909)
William (1876-?)
John (1879-?)
Mary Edna (1881-?)
Francis Cecil (1885-?)

Henry spent most of his life in Weatherford and like my father, worked for Gulf Oil.

My father never knew his father but my mother went to visit him when my father was in Kuwait and I have a letter he wrote to her about her visit saying how proud he was of his son. He died shortly after her visit while my father was stationed in Kuwait.

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