Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm dog sitting for my neighbors this weekend. They adopted a Great Pyrenees mix puppy from the SPCA a few weeks ago and she is staying at my house. I'm having a great time but my dogs are a little annoyed because she is jumping on them wanting to play with them. Her name is Lucy but I can't help calling her Little Bear or Knut because she looks like a little polar bear. If you are a little depressed or down I suggest borrowing a puppy for a few hours.
One of the pictures is of Knut.


Native Pride said...

what a adoreable puppy. Now I want a puppy, but I don't think my cats would like it one bit.

Fourdogmom said...

My dogs aren't to happy about it either. They growl at her and she backs away and moves on to another dog until it growls at her. It doesn't seem to hurt her feelings or anything. I think she thinks it's a game. Sparky is the most tolerant of all. She climbs on his back and then falls off. When he's had enough he go and gets in bed.