Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prescott Public Library

Prescott Arizona is one of my very favorite places in the US. My friend and I went there every time we would go to Arizona, which was a lot, and we would always climb Thumb Butte Mountain and go to the Sharlot Museum downtown.

I also love the Prescott Library and would love to work there. When I went to their website tonight I found this nifty Library Use Calculator where you enter the number of time you use different services offered by the library (like checking out DVDs) and it calculates how much money you save by using the library. Here is the link:

The calculator was developed by the Maine State Library and their website explains more about how these figures were calculated and how you can customize one for your own library. There is a link on the Prescott site to the MSL.

This beautiful picture which I didn't take shows the library in Prescott with beautiful mountains in the background

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