Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let them eat cake

Seeing this picture reminded me of something that I had forgotten. After Katrina hit New Orleans, all that was on TV and the Internet for a week were pictures of people waiting for help at the Convention Center, the Superdome, and on rooftops. Everyday I thought they would be rescued but everyday it was the same. No help came. This went on for almost a week. I remember wanting to talk to some of my friends and we talked about having dinner together but none of us felt like it was right to go out to eat when people so close to us were in this deplorable situation. I don't personally know anyone who wasn't terribly upset by the scenes we witnessed daily on the news and the overall mood was similar to the mood after 911. When help finally came and buses of people poured into our city I was so relieved and proud of what our mayor, Bill White had done, opening the Astrodome and the Convention Center for New Orleans residents. And I was so proud of all the volunteers who gave time and money to help these people.
Unfortunately, the 2 people in this picture didn't feel the same way. McCain celebrated his birthday with Bush both grinning like they didn't have a care in the world, which I guess they didn't. This was right in the middle of the Katrina crisis on August 29th. Bush has no conscience. For a long time I thought McCain was an honorable person. Now I think they both represent the very worst in our society and I don't want them representing me or my country any longer.

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