Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New York Eats

Here are a few pictures of the food Cameron and I had in NY. It was so nice eating photographed food with one of my favorite people. Just like old times when he was in Houston. We had a wonderful pizza and salad at Joe's Pizza one night. Another night we went to Mario Batali's restaurant called Eataly. It's a huge gourmet grocery store, farmers market and restaurant all in one. I had the delicious gnocchi in the picture and Cameron had soup. We also brought a few cookies back to my hotel room and shared those. The sandwich was from a vegetarian restaurant right around the corner from my hotel I believe but it might have been from a place close to the Guggenheim. Wherever it was from it was delicious. The ice cream was from Big Gay Ice Cream, a place I found after Cameron told me he was moving to NY. I believe it started as a truck but now has an actual storefront. Even with all the eating I did I didn't gain any weight because of all the walking.

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