Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Pet Goat

My daughter surprised me this Christmas with the adoption of Erika, a goat from Farm Sanctuary.
Here is Erika's story from the Farm Sanctuary website: 

Erika’s surprise rescue story: In February 2013, Animal Control officers rescued more than a dozen sheep, one goat, and a calf who were struggling to stay alive on bread scraps from a backyard butcher in the Los Angeles area. The bodies of victims who had already perished lay nearby. Once we heard of this case, we welcomed the group and took them into our care. Most of the animals were transported to our Northern California Shelter, leaving only Claire (the rescue’s sole goat) and Felicity (her dear sheep friend) to reside at our Los Angeles sanctuary. On March 12, during their evening rounds, Southern California Shelter caregivers discovered that Claire had just given birth to a daughter, who we have named Erika. The arrival was a surprise, but a very happy one. Erika was tiny and bursting with life!
Personality: Erika is still young, so she is very curious and playful. And at times, she is quite demanding! Having been born into a sanctuary setting, Erika will never know cruelty. She has been treated as a princess since the day she was born and never hesitates to ask for what she wants — sometimes very loudly.
Erika has two moms: Erika has the luxury of being raised by not only one, but two mother-figures — her mother, Claire, and her Aunt Felicity, who is a sheep. The two watch over Erika carefully. Erika spends every afternoon playing on the hillside or snoozing in the sun — with her “Moms” close by.
Her favorite part of the day: This little goat is happy anytime food is near! Erika knows her feeding times and will announce them at the top of her lungs!

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