Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Clean Water for Kenya

"Charles is 48 years old, has 8 children, and lives in Aora Chuodho B village in Ndhiwa sub county, Kenya. Charles works as a subsistence farmer for a living. His community of Aora Chuodho B village does not have access to clean water. The water that is used for drinking and cooking is easily contaminated with bacteria that can cause diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. Charles is a friendly member of the community, and has been elected Promoter by his village to help its members obtain safe drinking water.
As a volunteer Promoter, Charles represents the community on Kiva’s website and educates the community on how to protect their families from unsafe drinking water by using a chlorine dispenser system. Charles and 4 other promoters in his community, namely Carolyn, Mary, Olivia and Ruth, need a loan to cover the costs of installing and maintaining chlorine dispensers at the water sources in the area. Charles wants to be a promoter because he believes that the chlorine will kill germs in water, thus making it safe to drink.
This loan is part of Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water program, providing rural communities with access to safe drinking water by installing chlorine dispensers where people collect water. The dispensers enable community members to treat their water with chlorine to make it safe to drink."

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