Friday, August 8, 2014

The Last Supper

Cameron and I shared our last dinner Wednesday night. We went to our favorite restaurant Radical Eats and were joined by two friends, Elizabeth and Ashleigh. The food was of course wonderful. We shared the vegan nachos. I ordered the Bahn Mi Tacos (tofu) and Cameron ordered the Wild Mushroom Tacos with kimchi, peanuts and Thai chiles. We shared these two plates also.

We wanted to steal these salt and pepper shakers.

These butterflies in training were sitting on the bar.

I'm really sad that Cameron has left for New York but am looking forward to visiting him there in December. When I turned the corner in my apartment complex yesterday and didn't see his bike it really struck me that he was gone for good. My new roommate Jake is moving in Monday night.
This is probably my last food blog for awhile because I'm not planning to eat out any time soon and of course I've lost my photographer.

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