Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why I support PETA

This was copied from an email I received from PETA listing some of their accomplishments in 2010.

NASA halted its plans to use dozens of monkeys in painful and deadly radiation experiments. The decision followed more than a year of intense campaigning by tens of thousands of PETA supporters, including Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Barker, and Alicia Silverstone.

Two large chicken suppliers agreed to switch to a less cruel chicken slaughter method called "controlled-atmosphere killing." The move will potentially spare millions of individual birds the pain of being scalded and having their throats cut while they're still conscious. Thanks to years of pressure from PETA, more restaurants and grocery stores than ever have started to demand that their suppliers use this method.

In the largest seizure of exotic animals in history, authorities confiscated more than 26,000 animals from international animal dealer U.S. Global Exotics, Inc., after a seven-month PETA investigation produced evidence of horrific conditions.

As a result of public outrage generated by a PETA investigation at the University of Utah, legislators in that state voted overwhelmingly to overturn an archaic law that required animal shelters to sell animals to laboratories for use in painful and invasive experiments. Utah was one of only three states that still required "pound seizure."

The world's largest shoe manufacturer, Nike, and its upscale brand Cole Haan announced that they will no longer use exotic-animal skins in their lines. The move came after PETA presented video footage to Nike executives documenting the suffering inflicted on animals used in the exotic-skins trade.

High-end women's fashion retailer Cache agreed to pull all real fur clothing from its stores after PETA showed company representatives footage of abominable conditions on fur farms.

Animal-testing facility Professional Laboratory and Research Services surrendered more than 250 dogs and cats and shut its doors after a nine-month PETA investigation revealed that animals were routinely denied veterinary care and subjected to painful procedures without being given proper anesthesia.

And who could forget 2010's massive oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico? Many shelters in the area were flooded with animals during this tragedy. Pamela Anderson and PETA were able to help by paying for veterinary care for 50 dogs and 30 cats and transporting them to PETA headquarters, where they were all adopted.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of the life of a cow? Texas is full of them.

Fourdogmom said...

I think about them all the time. It makes me sad when people eat meat of any kind. I also hate driving past Reliant during rodeo season, knowing all the suffering that is going on there. I know people will always want to eat meat I just wish there were more regulations in place so the animals would be raised and slaughtered more humanely. I believe this is what PETA is trying to accomplish.