Sunday, January 25, 2009

Health Benefits of Tea

I'm trying to drink more tea. I would like to give up my one cup of coffee that I have in the morning and switch to tea but so far haven't been able to. I did stop drinking expensive bottled Honest Tea, except on the weekends. I now buy 2 bottles a week rather than 7. My favorite flavor is Mango Acai White Tea. I switched to tea bags and my favorite is Allegro China White Citrus. White tea is supposed to be the best health wise because the leaves have been processed the least and I like the taste of white tea better over green or the more traditional black tea.
Eat Drink Better just had an article about some of the health benefits of tea which I will sum up here:
Tea contains antioxidants which help with cell regeneration and may prevent cancer.
Tea can lower stress hormone levels.
Tea fights cavities and reduces plaque.
Tea keeps you hydrated.
Tea may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by preventing formation of blood clots.
Tea can help lower blood pressure.
Tea aids your body in digestion.
Tea may help prevent diabetes.
Tea can help beat bacteria.
Tea aids your immune defenses.

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