Friday, April 17, 2015

This Kiva loan is in honor of my mother's birthday:
"Grigor lives with his nice family in Dilijan city, which is in the Tavush region. Grigor says that he greatly enjoyed his two previous deals with Kiva and hopes for the third one. He hopes that Kiva lenders will be so kind again to support him in his request with the loan amount.
Grigor works at the computer office, and there he repairs computers and printing machines. His wife also works there as a manager. Grigor has two pretty daughters; the elder already graduated from a state university, and she works at the insurance company. The smallest daughter is still a student at the Yerevan State University, at the faculty of Romano and Germanic languages. She studies at the paid division and Grigor would like to solve the problem of tuition fee repayment again with the help of Kiva lenders.
This loan of 450,000 Armenian drams he seeks as he must pay his smallest daughter’s tuition fee."

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