Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Visit to Bryan

Yesterday I drove to Bryan, Texas to visit the cemetery where my parents and many of my other relatives are buried. I took several pictures and added them to a website I contribute to Find a Grave
I also wanted to see my grandmother's old house on Finfeather Road and see downtown Bryan. My grandmother's house has been painted green and has a fence around it but other than that looks the same. I wish I could have gone in. Several places in downtown Bryan were there in the 60's and probably before that but there were also a lot of new cute little stores and restaurants including The Village, a vegetarian friendly restaurant where I had a hummus wrap and tomato basil soup while enjoying live entertainment
When did Bryan get so cool?
Anyway, here are some pictures. The cemetery pictures are on Find a Grave.

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Tam said...

It's cool to see Ninie's house. I remember the inside really well, and the train at night, and the pillars on the front where you could sit next to the stairs. (I don't know the right words for what I'm talking about.)

I remember when she made us fried chicken and peach ice cream once too!