Monday, May 12, 2014

Best Mother's Day Gift

My daughter sent me the most amazing Mother's Day gift, a gift certificate for Kiva, a non profit that lends money to low-income entrepreneurs and students. I choose 4 different people/groups loaning each 25.00
The first was to a person in El Salvador who sells fruits and vegetables. The second was to a group in Ecuador called Los Intocables to help purchase a sewing machine. The third was to Zamiq in Azerbaijan to help with his fruit orchard. The last was to Isabel Jose in Nicaragua to help with his free trade coffee farm. After I did that I felt bad because I had completely ignored Africa so I picked another recipient Anastasia from Kisauni, Kenya who operates a retail shop selling wheat, flour and rice.
I did a blog about Kiva a long time ago and had meant to donate something but I'm not sure if I ever did. Here is a link to their website

This is a picture of Los Intocables.

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