Saturday, November 10, 2012


I had planned to take Tuesday and Wednesday off to vote, volunteer at the polls, and hopefully celebrate. When I got home from work on Monday night Rosie was really sick. She had been fine in the morning but that's how things go with dogs. Tuesday I took her to the Dr. and they discovered a massive ear infection. After spending about 700 on her we went home. When I woke up this morning her ear was bleeding and there was blood all over the bed so we spent 2 1/2 hrs. at the vet and another almost 300. The whole right side of her face near her ear is swollen and she may have a burst ear drum. It's so swollen they can't even look inside her ear to see. She's on antibiotics, pain meds and a topical antibiotic which has to be applied to her ear daily after cleaning. Poor Rosie. She also turned 13 on Tuesday but we didn't get to have our usual cupcake celebration. As soon as she's well we will. Ginger is 14 1/2. Hard to believe my puppies are so old.

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