Sunday, November 13, 2011

Huebner Family

When my grandmother married A.L. Huebner my father acquired not only a terrific step-father but a really wonderful and colorful extended family. Although I don't know much about the family history I know the Huebners were a German family from Shiner, Texas. The Huebner name is listed in the Shriner newspaper several times dating back to the late 1800's.
Other than my grandfather, the other Huebners who were an important part of my life were Jo and Eddie Huebner. They had a beautiful old house in the Norhill section of the Heights in Houston decorated with beautiful Victorian furniture. Even though they never had children, their house was full of toys, especially at Christmas and they always welcomed all the neighborhood children and their families to their home during the holidays. I can still remember an electric train that circled their huge Christmas tree. Aunt Jo was a wonderful baker and cook and always had lots of homemade cookies and other goodies to share. They also had an old Victrola and would crank it up and listen to old favorites and dance. I have the Victrola now and it always reminds me of them and the love they had for each other.
Thankfully, my father wrote the names of all the Huebners on the back of these pictures before he died.

From left to right: Laura, A.L. Huebner, Mrs. Huebner, Mr. Huebner, Clara, Norman, Verna.

Mrs. Huebner

Mr. Huebner is the person in the middle behind the bar. According to a note by my father on the back, this picture is in the Texas Museum in San Antonio.

Jo (1906-1984) and Eddie Huebner (1903-1991)

A.L. and O.H. Huebner

Huebner brothers: Norman, Eddie, Arthur, O.H.

Unidentified Huebner brothers.
This is such a great picture I had to include it even though I'm not sure who they are.

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