Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Diet

I've been on my new vegan/plant-based diet for a few weeks now and it's going pretty well. Here is what I eat on a typical day:
Breakfast: A smoothie with fresh orange juice, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, a banana, and a scoop of Spirutein protein powder. Everything is organic, if available. I got the idea for doing a smoothie for breakfast from my favorite ex-president, Bill Clinton, who is also on a plant-based diet.
Lunch: A soy ham or turkey sandwich on Rudi's 7 grain bread with some greenery. Today I had Whole Foods vegan mock chicken salad with sprouts. Their mock chicken salad is to die for delicious and I would eat it everyday if I could. I also have a low sugar white or green tea, usually Honest Tea mango acai tea. Today I'm having Steaz lime pomegranate white tea.
Snacks: I allow myself 10 raw almonds a day as a snack and also fresh fruit. If I don't put a banana in the smoothie I will usually eat one around 10 am. I don't really love bananas but if they are not too ripe (a little on the green side) I am ok with one. If they are a little brown I put one in the smoothie.
Dinner: This is the meal I need to work on. I am content eating an Amy's frozen dinner every night but realize this is probably not the healthiest thing to do. This summer when I have Sunday's off I'm hoping to do a little experimenting in the kitchen, maybe even freezing a few things for dinner.
The thing I miss most on this diet is SALT. I'm really trying to eat less salt and I miss it. When I do buy Amy's dinners I try to buy the low-sodium ones but then I want to add salt (I don't). I also miss my Annie's Honey Wheat pretzels. I have no idea if I've lost any weight. I don't own a scale anymore. I probably haven't but I'm giving myself a year. I'm also planning to do more juice fasts. Last Friday I went out to eat with a friend. We went to Fendee's Mediterranean Grill on Westheimer and I had the very best falafel I've ever had. Good hummus too.
OOPS: Forgot to mention that I also have 1 cup of instant organic coffee in the morning with almond milk. I've tried giving up coffee before but I always go back. Sigh.

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