Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tomorrow I'm going to try and start my vegan, or plant-based diet (again). Plant-based is so much nicer sounding than vegan. I just finished listening to the audio book Veganist by Kathy Freston and it convinced me this is the way to go. I don't expect to be 100% but will do my best. I'm also going to try and start this week with a juice fast. I used to do this all the time but haven't tried in awhile. I would like to make it through 5 days. It was a lot easier when my SO would get me a juice every night. Now I have to make my own. Luckily I have citrus juicer and a vegetable juicer.
UPDATE: It's almost 8 pm Monday and I've made it through the first day of my fast! I honestly didn't think I would make it yesterday when I was planning the fast so this is great. The first day is always the hardest for me. I also took the pups on 2 walks. One was at 6 this morning. The weather is totally awesome. I have all the windows open.
UPDATE: It's 8:20 pm Tuesday and I made it through another day. Spent 4 hours at the dentist too.
Wednesday Update: I made it through another day! Don't know how I used to stay on these fasts for more than 5 days though. I'll feel really good if I make it through tomorrow.

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