Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gracie Ruth

Yesterday I had Gracie euthanized. She never really recovered from her surgery. When she didn't respond to a second round of antibiotics my vet told me it was probably cancer. She had told me after the surgery that there was that possibility because of her badly abscessed tooth.
Gracie was my healthiest dog. She was the only dog I had never spent any money on except for routine checkups. I thought she would probably be the last dog to go so this was a shock. Now I am ThreeDogMom.
Gracie was my happy energetic dog. She loved getting in bed before I did and stealing my spot. It became a game with us. I would pretend that I was mad and she would pretend to be asleep and not move. Eventually I would roll her over onto the other side of the bed. Gracie could also jump 6 feet straight up in the air. I used to call her my little Masai Warrior Dog.
I don't believe in any kind of an afterlife but it's comforting to think she might be in doggie heaven.
RIP Gracie. Sparky, Ginger, Rosie, Ringo and I will really miss you.


Sunspot said...

Don't know exactly how I came upon your blog, but I just had my beloved Scout (Golden Retriever 13 1/2) put to sleep. I can't believe none of your friends have left you words of sympathy so here are mine. Gracie is so beautiful in your photos! I know she is running on a beach somewhere with my Alex, Sport, Trixie (who looked a lot like Gracie), Penny and Cali (the one and only cat to ever grace our family)
I also recently noticed the "raw" food at Whole Foods though I have never been Raw in any % unless accidentally and I also cringe at living in the Texas political climate while fearing to move in the direction of freezing weather. This week it has come to visit us.

Good luck with your dogs - I will visit your blog again.

Fourdogmom said...

Thanks for your comments. I also posted on Facebook and all of my friends left comments there instead of here. About a month after losing Gracie I had to have Sparky put down too. I will try and blog about this later. It made me pretty sad. Sorry about your dog Scout. It's really hard to lose these precious family members. I'm now down to 2 dogs and 1 part time cat.
This weather really makes me want to move to Costa Rica. I would love to live in a liberal area like Vermont but since I can barely stand the cold weather we are having today I know I would never survive.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You did everyhting you could and that is what a good dog mom does. My heart goes out to you.

Fourdogmom said...

Thanks. I'm really paranoid about the 2 dogs I have left out of the original 4. Don't want to lose anymore for awhile.