Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another reason to move to Canada

According to a study by the Climate Change Risk Report, Canada is the country that is best prepared to deal with the effects of climate change. The study looked at 168 countries and determined which countries were the best and worst in terms of dealing with changes brought on by climate change, rather than countries that will be the most affected by climate change.
Canada is number one followed by Ireland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The US is number 11 followed by the UK.
8 of the 10 most vulnerable countries are in Africa with the Comoros Islands number 1 followed by Somalia and Burundi. 5 non-African countries in the top 20 are Yemen, Afghanistan, Haiti, Pakistan, and Nepal.
Factors looked at in determining the ratings were: the economy; natural resources and ecosystems; poverty, development and health; agriculture; population, settlement and infrastructure; and, institutions, governance and social capital.
The Comoros and Chad also scored lowest on the report's index of CO2 emmissions which means that the countries most likely to suffer were also the countries the least likely to have caused the problems. How typical.

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